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At its core running is pretty simple: put one foot in front of the other, repeat. If you've been at it for a while though, you know it's not that simple. Lots of things contribute to your success as a runner; like nutrition, sleep, and footwear. Maybe the hardest to figure out though is strength training. Should you be doing it? (YES) What kinds of exercises should you do? How many reps? How often? Will you get big? Will you lose weight? Will you get hurt? Can it prevent injury? And so on and so on.

Charlie's House of Pain (which is not that painful) is a series of weekly workouts that take place over the course of the entire season. Unlike some fitness classes, each week builds on the ones prior in an intentional, thoughtful way. The primary focuses are: core stability, building and learning to use the posterior chain, and explosiveness. CHOP cuts out all the extraneous work and laser focuses on what will make you a better runner. PLUS we have a lot of fun. I'm a running coach first and a personal trainer second, and that's the outlook I bring to these classes.

Our next session starts July 7 and lasts 18 weeks. You can hop in late, but the program is not TOO late. PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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