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Hi, I'm Charlie Geer, and I coach runners of all levels in Columbus and Central Ohio.


Are you just getting started, or coming back from a long layoff?  I can help.


Has your progress plateaued, or have you been suffering from nagging injuries?  I can help.


Have you been following training plans you found online, without any clear idea of how to create sustainable progress and improvement?  I can help.


I believe in a collaborative coaching style that will empower you to make decisions about your training as well. I want you to understand what you are doing and WHY you are doing it.


Jumping from goal to goal without any greater plan is not the path to improvement.  I will work with you to develop a long term plan, to set ambitious but achievable goals and to select events to help you get there.  I think in years, not weeks.


Wherever you're starting, I can get you where you're going.  Contact me today for a free initial consultation, and let's get moving.

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